Chaste Tree Essential Oil

Chaste Tree
(Vitex agnus castus)
Essential Oil 10ml


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Chaste Tree Essential Oil

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Chaste Tree Essential Oil Product Details

Ingredient In: LeBalance
Botanical Name: Vitex agnus castus
Country of Origin: Turkey
Extraction Method: steam distilled
Part Utilized: fruit, wild crafted
Plant Family: Verbenaceae
Aroma: Chaste tree is not recommended for diffusion.
Cautions: Chaste tree is strongly contra-indicated for pregnancy, except possibly to prevent early miscarriage in women with problems in the luteal phase of the pregnancy (mentioned above). There is just not enough information or studies done on this topic, yet - that I can find. It is well known, however, that chaste tree has a dramatic effect on hormones. That is enough of a reason to leave this essential oil completely alone during a pregnancy.
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