Lemongrass Essential Oil

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(Cymbopogon flexuosus)
Essential Oil 10ml


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Lemongrass Essential Oil

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Lemongrass Essential Oil Product Details

Ingredient In: LeBeGone, LeDeeper, LeEnergy, LeInsideOut, LeIntensity, LePurify, LeReflections, LeRefreshMint, LeSunburst, LeTendaCare, LeTomorrow, LeWakeUp
Botanical Name: Cymbopogon flexuosus
Country of Origin: India
Extraction Method: steam distilled
Part Utilized: leaves
Plant Family: Graminae
Aroma: Lemongrass has a woodsy but light fragrance which has an uplifting effect on mind, mood, and attitude.
Cautions: Overuse of lemongrass can cause extreme skin irritation.
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