Jasmine Sambac Essential Oil

(Jasminum sambac)
Essential Oil 6ml


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Jasmine Sambac Essential Oil

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Jasmine Sambac Essential Oil Product Details

Ingredient In: LeCherish, LeExhilaration, LeExpressions, LeInsight, LeMoonlight, LeWoman Wise
Botanical Name: Jasminum sambac
Country of Origin: India
Extraction Method: solvent
Part Utilized: flowers
Plant Family: Oleaceae
Aroma: Both jasmines have beautiful fragrances. They are heavy, exotic, sensual, and soothing essential oils. The aroma of either jasmine is multi-faceted; much more so than most essential oils. All absolutes, because of their concentration and intensity, should be evaluated in extremely small quantities. Large amounts of these oils can overcome the receptor sites in the nose. The complexity of the fragrance, especially the rare and exotic notes, become entirely lost to our sense of smell.
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