Orange Sweet Dark Essential Oil

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Orange Sweet Dark
(Citrus sinensis)
Essential Oil 10ml


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Orange Sweet Dark Essential Oil

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Orange Sweet Dark Essential Oil Product Details

Ingredient In: LeAngel, LeDreams, LeEverlasting, LeHoliday Spirit, LeHousewarming, LeMoonlight
Botanical Name: Citrus sinensis
Country of Origin: Brazil
Extraction Method: cold pressed
Part Utilized: peel of fruit
Plant Family: Labiatae
Aroma: Just like sweet orange oil, dark sweet orange oil has a delightful, uplifting fragrance.
Cautions: Orange oil is considered photo-toxic and exposure to sunlight should be avoided for at least 12 hours for skin which has been exposed to this oil. A few people have experienced slight dermatitis from the limonene content of orange sweet dark. Use well diluted.
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